our philosophy

  • By creating a “virtuous circle” that lowers fees, defers taxes, and broadens asset diversification, an investor can take less risk yet generate more retirement income, and avoid a “vicious cycle” that imposes high fees, high taxes, and narrow asset selection.

  • Since investments and annuities are neither bad nor good by nature, through independent analysis we can assemble “best in class” products from each industry to create better results for the investor/retiree.

  • A plan for retirement income should have as a goal meeting an investor’s monthly expenses with three guaranteed monthly income checks—from Social Security, from a 401(k) and/or Rollover IRA, and from Personal Retirement Savings.

  • To work, a plan for retirement income has to have a seamless process for moving from savings to income; it is not two distinct phases.

  • A plan for retirement income should be as stress-free to manage as possible, with simplified tax filing and transparent management of the plan for the investor/retiree.

  • Finally, until proven right for each specific investor, we distrust the “common wisdom” found in most retirement advice.
    For example, plans requiring lifelong management of retirement savings don’t reflect the reality of the investor-advisor relationship
    15 to 20 years from now.




People who have worked their entire lives deserve a retirement that allows them to continue to enjoy the lifestyle they had prior to retirement, instead of a retirement requiring sacrifice and compromise.

We developed the Savings2Income (“S2I”) planning method and launched the S2I website to help hardworking Americans who have seen their retirement savings hit hardest in the current economy accomplish that goal. Here’s what we believe: