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Many investors make the mistake of believing the only retirement savings they have, or will ever have, is in their 401(k) and/or IRA. In reality, for these investors, 401(k) and IRA savings on average represent only about 50% of their financial assets. By not considering the other 50% - “Personal Retirement Savings” (PRS) - as a critical part of their retirement income planning, they are ignoring a huge potential source of future retirement income.

To see how much you can increase your retirement income from Personal Retirement Savings, go to Future Income Tool.

  1. Click here to view potential sources of
    Personal Retirement Savings

  • • After Tax Personal Savings not Eligible for 401(k)
    or IRA Plans
    • Net Proceeds from the Sale of Business Interests
    • Net Proceeds from the Sale of a Home
    • Divorce or Other Lump Sum Settlements
    • Inheritance and Life Insurance Proceeds
    • Cash Values of Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts

By effectively deploying your Personal Retirement Savings, together with your 401(k), IRA and Social Security benefits, under the
Savings2Income planning method (see full video on 5 Steps to Retirement Security) you can create dependable, spendable income that
lasts a lifetime.

Whether you are planning for retirement, transitioning into retirement, or already retired, it’s never too late to start using
Savings2Income as your roadmap to retirement security.

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