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All investors have unique personal circumstances that can affect the design of their Savings2Income plan. However, you probably share some common life-stage characteristics and concerns with the following broad categories of investors:


Often without a plan, these individuals (typically ages 45 to 60) are trying to save as much money as possible for future retirement, and not paying much attention to what level of spendable income those savings may later produce in retirement.


Usually without a firm goal, these individuals (typically ages 50 to 65) are beginning to think about income in retirement, and becoming concerned about protecting savings and their future income.


While still concerned about retirement finances, these individuals (typically ages 60 to 75) are beginning to live off savings and trying to move to a position where income to meet all basic needs is secure for life.

From a financial standpoint, an S2I plan is for investors who need to supplement Social Security and any pension benefits with secure income from their retirement savings, and who may not qualify for fee-based investment advisory programs with large-scale investment advisory firms (because of the amount of their assets). To achieve the best planning results, your personal situation and goals will be the driving force in the structuring of your own S2I plan.

Set out below are a number of hypothetical Case Studies for investors like you showing how an S2I plan was developed for them.
S2I Case Study #1

Phyllis Transitioning into Retirement

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S2I Case Study #2

Don & Wife Suzie Saving

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S2I Case Study #3

Bob & Wife Anne Retiring

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