Why You Need a Plan for Retirement Income

Why the Savings2Income Planning Method Was Developed

Recognizing that there is a vast, underserved group of Americans needing help in planning for their retirement—and with experience with both retirement products and planning approaches—we have learned two basic truths:

1. While financial products are important, good planning and good decision-making are also critical in creating a successful Plan for Retirement Income.

2. Most hard working Americans who have only a modest amount of retirement savings don’t have access to independent advice on how to make those important decisions so critical to a worry-free retirement.

What Investors Should Want in a Plan for Retirement Income

The little bit of strategy that’s reserved for these investors often fails to maximize their retirement income—a very unfair and costly mistake. Retirees should not have to just make ends meet—we want them to be able to support the lifestyle they’ve been counting on and enjoy the retirement they are working so hard to obtain.

With this in mind, our goal is to create a process for an investor to convert retirement savings into dependable and spendable income in retirement and to create more of that income without taking greater risk.

Retirement income should not be dependent on daily swings in the market. It should not hinge on decisions you may barely understand or that frustrate you. Our method focuses on helping you make the best decisions you can, centered on the factors you can control: deferring taxes; lowering fees; and making the best possible choice for claiming your Social Security benefits.

Dependable and spendable retirement income is all about making the best choices going forward, not undertaking big risks to make up for lost time or previous market losses.

With the decreasing number of pensions provided by employers, you can consider our Plan for Retirement Income as your own Personal Pension. See next page for fuller discussion and a comparison between employer-provided and a Personal Pension.

Importantly, the S2I planning method creates retirement income that is guaranteed, deposited monthly into your checking account, and designed to cover your living expenses. In other words, our goal is for you to enjoy peace of mind about your retirement finances.

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